2021 League

Congratulations to Wouter Cronje for placing first on our 2021 league. Very well done to all the runners up and overall high quality beers from all homebrewers.

Wouter Cronje820141052
Neal De Kock12107534
Darren Burns9100524
Hennie Groenewald907016
Paul Groenewald600511
Francois Jansen van Vuuren407011
Dale Botha1100011
Rohann Smit90009
John Fontini30058
Everhard Cronje40004
Koos Bosman40004
Wessel Pieterse40004
Riaan Scholtz40004
Ryno Mayer30003
Nkululelo Mnisi30003
Simon Armstrong30003
Jan Schmidtborn20002
Erica Breytenbach20002
Alex Buys20002
Johan Jacobs00002
James Melville10001
Mimmie Jordaan10001
Jason Pretorius10001
Barend Du Toit10001
Steven Jordaan10001
Coenie Erasmus10001
Terrance Richansen10001
Nikko Maree10001

League Rules 2021

Points system:

Points are allocated based on entries and placement within competitions. By participating, you have a chance to win. Points allocated from placing in the top 3 are added to your participation point.

  • Participation: 1 point per beer entered (maximum 2 per competition)
  • 3rd place: additional 5 points
  • 2nd place: additional 7 points
  • 1st place: additional 10 points

A published league will be kept on the website updated within one week of each club competition. At the end of the year the person with the most points wins the league. Prizes are to be announced at the Christmas Club meeting.