2022 League

The League Table 2022English IPALOW ABVTropical StoutCalifornia CommonLagerTotal
Hennie Groenewald40,1238,7833,35TBCTBC112,25
Wouter Cronje35,9440,7633,64TBCTBC110,34
Darren Burns40,7237,8731,56TBCTBC110,15
Paul Groenewald32,2140,5135,15TBCTBC107,87
Neal De Kock34,3136,2236,41TBCTBC106,94
Riaan Scholtz36,3929,4637,03TBCTBC102,88
Rohann Smit32,9931,333,98TBCTBC98,27
Simon Taylor38,630,1429,11TBCTBC97,85
Koos Bosman32,3227,4534,43TBCTBC94,2
Nkululeko Mnisi042,3340,5TBCTBC82,83
John Fontini38,8136,10TBCTBC74,91
Denise Swart29,0135,420TBCTBC64,43
Jan Schmidtborn0037,74TBCTBC37,74
Bryan Southwood0037,26TBCTBC37,26
James Melville0034,85TBCTBC34,85
Everhard Cronje0033,6TBCTBC33,6
Wessel Pieterse032,290TBCTBC32,29
Mia Schmidtborn0031,8TBCTBC31,8
Coenie Erasmus0029,94TBCTBC29,94
Ryno Mayer27,700TBCTBC27,7

2022 League Rules

1.1 Individual HHC Homebrew Competitions shall –
1.1.1 be open to both HHC members and visitors,
1.1.2 as far as possible, be held during the February, April, June, August, and October club meetings,
1.1.3 have themes/beer styles as determined by the Executive Committee (EC) and
announced in January.
1.2 Every active HHC member shall have a single free entry for each competition and may enter only one additional beer at a small entry fee. Visitors shall, in addition to their visitor’s fee, also pay a fee per beer, with a maximum of two, entered for the competition.

Entry Fee Per Beer
HHC Members Visitors
Visitor’s fee – R 50
Beer 1 Free R 20
Beer 2 R 20 R 30
Total cost to attend & enter 1 beer R 0 R 70
Total cost to attend & enter 2 beers R 20 R 100

    2.1 All participants have an obligation to contribute to a respectful, fair, and honest competitive environment in which homebrewers can learn, grow, and excel.
    2.2 Only bona fide homebrewers may participate in HHC competitions.
    2.3 Only bona fide homebrewed beers may be entered into HHC homebrew competitions.
    2.4 By participating in HHC homebrew competitions, brewers agree to make their recipe available for publication on the HHC website, should it be the winning beer.
    2.5 Beers must be presented in unlabelled, standard, brown 440ml beer bottles with crown caps. Not adhering to this rule will automatically disqualify a beer from entry.
    2.6 Generally, three bottles of each entered beer must be presented per competition.
    2.7 The Brewing Steward must present all competition beers anonymously to facilitate blind judging.
    2.8 HHC competitions may be adjudicated by qualified BJCP judges OR independent, non-BJCP judges OR by participating club members in “people’s choice” competitions OR a
    combination of any of these.
    2.9 Scoresheets shall be based on the BJCP-system, with the judges’ maximum possible score being 50 points and that of the Forms-based people’s choice sheet being 26 points.
    2.10 Scores by independent, non-participating judges will be used as is to determine a simple average or consensus score for each beer.

2.11 In people’s choice judging the top and bottom 15% scores will be discounted to reduce the impact of biased scoring, before the average of the remaining 70% of scores is determined.
2.12 In combined score competitions, the independent judges’ score will contribute sixty percent (60%) and the people’s choice score forty percent (40%) to the final score.
2.13 All HHC members and visitors participating as judges have an obligation to ensure the integrity and fairness of competitions by –
2.13.1 actively striving to be objective in their evaluations and scoring,
2.13.2 NOT intentionally benefit themselves or disadvantage others through their scoring,
2.13.3 NOT participate in block-scoring (discuss and align their scores with others).
3.1 The “HHC League” is the annual, year-long club competition based on the results of all the individual HHC Homebrew Competitions and aimed at crowning a “HHC League Champion” every year.
3.2 Only active HHC members may participate in the HHC League and league points cannot be scored retroactively.
3.3 The HHC League shall consist of approximately five (5) individual HHC Homebrew
Competitions per calendar year.
3.4 HHC League points shall be earned for each competition, based on the actual score of each participating homebrewer’s best performing beer, rounded to two decimal points.
3.5 No participation points shall be awarded.
4.1 The winner of each HHC Homebrew Competition will be awarded the “HHC Yellow Cap”, which he/she can wear until the next competition.
4.2 Depending on the availability of funds and/or sponsors, prizes will be awarded to the first three places in each competition.
4.3 Similarly, prizes will be awarded to the top five places of the HHC League. The winner’s name will also be added to the HHC League floating trophy that must be returned to the Club in November every year.