The Helderberg Home Brewers Club is a home to all who love and enjoy the art that is BEER.  At the Helderberg Home Brewers Club you can expect to find monthly meetings, outings and group activities that is not only about the consumption of beer, but also the love of the craft that is beer brewing.  We encourage a thirst for knowledge, a taste for enthusiasm and an aroma of friendship. 

The purpose of the HELDERBERG HOME BREWERS CLUB shall be to encourage all members:

  • To mature as brewers and beer enthusiasts;
  • To promote the dissemination of knowledge in the art of brewing;
  • To encourage and reward individuals dedicated to the brewing arts;
  • To educate the beer connoisseur in identifying the components of beers;
  • To foster the responsible use of the products of our craft; and
  • To celebrate the fruits of our labors.